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Shareholder Engagement

VegTech™ Invest is committed to shareholder engagement in order to advocate for the following Climate Positive initiatives and associated practices:

- Scopes 1, 2, and 3 emissions disclosure,

- Reducing climate impact and elevating climate standards,

- Reducing biodiversity loss and protecting biodiversity, while elevating protection standards,

- Reducing deforestation, while elevating natural resources, such as land and water, protection standards and

- Reducing animal suffering, while elevating animal welfare protection standards.

VegTech™ executes shareholder engagement in the following ways:

- Writing letters to company CEOs asking for better standards and providing ways to achieve better standards

- Signing on to letter campaigns begun by other organizations seeking similar impacts

- Engaging in studies to establish 'best practices' for executing successful campaigns.

VegTech™ Invest welcomes collaborating with other organizations and believes that change will happen faster by forming larger coalitions.

To this end, VegTech™ Invest, in conjunction with Harvard University and the Plant-Futures Challenge Lab at the University of California, Berkeley, is undergoing research with the intention of executing final whitepaper on best practices for shareholder engagement that can elevate Climate Positive practices including reduced emissions and the associated practices of protecting biodiversity, forests, land, water, and animal welfare.

The whitepaper will also share best practices for incorporating plant-based innovation, defined as plant-based foods and alternative proteins including precision and biomass fermentation and cultivated meat, in the foods and materials industries as part of Climate Positive initiatives.

Lastly, the paper will discuss the difference between getting companies to sign on to best practices and actually getting them to execute best practices with a focus on how to ensure the latter.

Currently, VegTech™ Invest supports and collaborates with, in varying capacities, the following organizations: GFI, FAIRR, Harvard, University of California Berkeley, Intentional Endowment Network, Inclusive Capitalism and Verity. It is a founding member of Climate+Positive Investing Alliance.

If you are interested in working with VegTech™ Invest on a shareholder engagement campaign, please contact Gwen Brown at

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