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in Plant-based Innovation and the future of food.

At the forefront of a secular trend, we invest in public companies innovating with plants and plant-derived ingredients to make animal free products for a more efficient, healthy and climate-friendly food and materials supply system.  We call these VegTech companies.



According to the Boston Consulting Group, Plant-based Innovation will grow from $39B to $290B by 2035.

VegTech Innovation: Invest In A Secular Trend


VegTech Invest is committed to Carbon Neutrality. Find the details by clicking on the ETF button above. 


Alt Proteins & Food Tech

Food innovation based on plant proteins include burgers, sausages, and chick’n made from peas, legumes, barley, soy, wheat, mung beans, and chickpeas and more. 

Proteins can be produced using microbial fermentation and cultivated meat can be grown outside of animals using only trace amounts of animal cells. Both of these innovative technologies utilize plant-based carbohydrates as a source for growing these alternative proteins. These foods are made with far less antibiotics, land, and water and comprise only traces of cells such that end products are animal-free.


Alt Materials & Novel Tech

Material innovations and technologies replace leather and animal products using plants and other substances for sustainable production.



AgTech innovations, such as vertical farming and greenhouses, pave the way for more plant food to be locally sourced, while also saving on transportation, water use, and manure.

VegTech /veje-tek/ [n]:
Innovation utilizing plants and plant derived ingredients to create animal-free products for 
sustainable consumption; part of
a global secular trend.


As Seen In


“The move to plant-based foods is the biggest single trend in the history of food that I have seen in the 40 years I have been doing this. It is a mega-trend akin to digitization.”

- Walter Robb, Former Co-CEO, Whole Foods on The Plantbased Business Hour

Interested In Impact Investing? Welcome to VegTech.

 1. Invest For Impact & Climate Change

Animal agriculture is responsible for 16.5% of greenhouse gas emissions, including methane and nitrous oxide.  We invest in companies innovating with plants and plant-derived ingredients to make animal-free products, thus helping to address climate change.  We believe we won’t fix climate change without fixing our current food and materials supply system.


2. Invest For Efficiency & Sustainability

Our current food and materials supply is inefficient and unsustainable. It is a major source of deforestation,  using disproportionate amounts of water and land such that creating enough food for a growing global population won’t be feasible with our current resources.  We invest in plant-based innovation companies, including alt material and alt protein companies, which are less resource intensive, producing prolific and nutritious food with less land and water.  We are at the tip of what we believe is a long-term secular trend shifting towards plant-based innovation.


3. Invest For Disruption

As we enter the fourth industrial revolution, the food and materials supply systems are on the precipice of a global shift.  We are investing in the game changers, disruptors and trend-makers with the vision and technology to create a future in which health and food security are sustainable.  Through investing, we are helping to shape a healthier, more climate friendly and cruelty-free food supply system, driven by the demand of Gen X and Gen Z.



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