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Our Upcoming Webinar Schedule

June 1st at 3:30p ET: Investing in Plant-based Innovation: a Way to Bolster the Economy

Tune in live on our LinkedIn page here.

Check out our past webinar on shareholder engagement with Dorrit Lowsen of Change Finance here.
Check out another past webinar on investing in the good and the bad with Thomas Mancuso of The Bad Investment Co. here.

Check out another past webinar on investing in plant-based innovation before the end of the year here.
Check out another past webinar on the signs of a mega trend with Chris Buck of Harvester Wealth here.

Don't miss our next webinar! Join us on the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of every month at 1:30p ET live on the VegTech™ Invest Linkedin page:

Catch Up with Elysabeth in Person

Reach out to to book a meeting. Elysabeth will be speaking at the following events on the crossroads of sustainability, plant-based innovation and our global food supply system. Her schedule is:

June 20th-23rd: Sun Valley Forum

September 8th: Yale Business School

Here are a few of Elysabeth's most recent interviews.

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