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Best Practices for Stakeholder Engagement in Plant-based Innovation & Diversified Proteins White Paper

Here is a quick glimpse of the information included in the VegTech™ Invest and Harvard ‘Great Food Systems Transformation Course’ White Paper on Best Practices for Stakeholder Engagement in Plant-based Innovation and Diversified Proteins.  Sign up to download your copy!


  1. Top five recommended tips for best practices in stakeholder engagement.

  2. The outcomes of six groundbreaking cases (Engine 1, Carl Icahn, FAIRR, As You Sow, the Humane Society of the U.S. and Mighty Earth) of stakeholder engagement, the results achieved, and the methods utilized.

  3. An understanding and scientific support of the broad mandate of Plant-based Innovation and Diversified Proteins for Climate Change, Biodiversity Loss and Deforestation, Antibiotic Resistance and Public Health, and more.

  4. A history of stakeholder engagement.

  5. Insights from Stanford Business Professor, Sarah Soule.

  6. A deep dive into what techniques work for successful stakeholder engagement.

  7. Forewords by Finpublica’s Adam Wasserman and Mighty Earth’s Glenn Hurowitz and final thoughts from the Verity stakeholder engagement platform founders, Jeffrey Marsh and Gregory Mason.

  8. An Executive Summary overview of the paper including the top five recommendations for success.

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