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Investment Philosophy

 At VegTech™ Invest, we base our investment decisions on facts, proprietary research, and data. 


We believe that companies innovating with plants and plant-derived ingredients and producing animal free products (VegTech™ Companies) will create meaningful, long-term disruption for the global food and materials supply system, helping to address food insecurity while more efficiently utilizing resources like land and water. 


We believe these companies will positively affect climate change. 


We believe that by investing in these companies we can impact change for people, the planet and animals. We are proud to offer the opportunity for others to invest along side us in these companies through our ETF, which is the only ETF offering a pure-play exposure to this secular trend. 

We know that investment, coupled with intentionality, is a powerful force for change.  So,

We invest like it matters, because it does!



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  1. Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (“IPCC”): This landmark report highlights that climate change is expected to cause “severe, pervasive, and irreversible impacts” on the natural environment unless carbon emissions are cut sharply and rapidly. The IPCC further reported that under the scenario of no animal products consumed at all (no meat, dairy products, or eggs), “adequate food production in 2050 could be achieved on less land than is currently used, allowing considerable forest regeneration, and reducing land-based GHG [greenhouse gas] emissions to one third of the reference ‘business-as-usual’ case for 2050.”

  2. Boston Consulting Group: The Alternative Protein market will be at least $290B by 2035.

  3. The United Nations: Our Growing Population

  4. Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO): The total emissions from livestock represent 14.5% of the total amount of Greenhouse Gas Emissions (GhGE). Cutting down on livestock by innovating for replacements with plants and plant-based derivatives for animal-free products reduces this number.

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