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Supporting Research

Please check this page often for industry insights, white papers, and useful data. 

Natural Resources Defense Council: Industrial Agriculture 101

Leading Cause of Deforestation: Our World in Data.

Forty-two percent of the world's freshwater (CWU) is used for animal agriculture. 

NYT: Future of Food: How the Agriculture Industry Could Go From Farming To Ferming, by Lauren Jackson

ESG Clarity: Why Meat Companies Are Investing in Plant-based Innovation. By Elysabeth Alfano

Project Drawdown: solutions to mitigate Climate Change.

Boston Consulting Group: The Untapped Climate Opportunity in Alternative Proteins


U.C. Davis: Article on why reducing cow emissions with seaweed won't fix disproportionate land and water use and deforestation.  

United Nation: Preventing the Next Pandemic

Food and Agriculture Organizatin of the United Nations: Key Facts and Findings on Animal Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Bloomberg Intelligence: Plant-based Foods Business Hits $162B In Next Decade.

Boston Consulting Group: Food for Thought: The Protein Transformation.

World Resources Institute: Creating a Sustainable Food Future (discusses animal calorie conversion rates.) 

ESG Investor: Forget The Space Race. We're in a Race for Food and Water. Co-authored by Elysabeth Alfano.

Verify This and Politco: Cows and Other Livestock Emissions. 

University of Michigan Life Cycle Analysis Study of Beyond Meat

Our World In Data: Impact of our Food Supply System on Land and Climate Change.


Chartered Alternative Investment Association: Why Governments Around the World Are Investing in Plant-based Innovation. Co-Authored by Elysabeth Alfano. 


The Plantbased Business Hour : Industry Expert Elysabeth Alfano sits down for in-depth conversations with thought leaders and CEOs in the sector.

Emissions from Animal Agriculture--16.5% Is the New Minimum Figure. The 16.5% is inferred from two reports, one from the UN (8.1 Gt of carbon equivalents for animal agriculture is from the UN GLEAM 2.0 Model report), divided by the total carbon equivalent emissions from the IPCC (49 Gt of carbon equivalent emissions from the IPCC AR5 report).

Harvard: Red Meat, TMAO and Your Heart

Plant-based Sales From Meat Sales

Who Is Eating Plant-based Options?

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