Supporting Research

Please check this page often for industry insights, white papers, and useful data. 

Natural Resources Defense Council: Industrial Agriculture 101

Forty-two percent of the world's freshwater (CWU) is used for animal agriculture. 

NYT: Future of Food: How the Agriculture Industry Could Go From Farming To Farming, by Lauren Jackson

ESG Clarity: Why Meat Companies Are Investing in Plant-based Innovation. By Elysabeth Alfano

Project Drawdown: solutions to mitigate Climate Change.

Boston Consulting Group: The Untapped Climate Opportunity in Alternative Proteins


U.C. Davis: Article on why reducing cow emissions with seaweed won't fix disproportionate land and water use and deforestation.  

United Nation: Preventing the Next Pandemic

Food and Agriculture Organizatin of the United Nations: Key Facts and Findings on Animal Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Bloomberg Intelligence: Plant-based Foods Business Hits $162B In Next Decade.

Boston Consulting Group: Food for Thought: The Protein Transformation.

World Resources Institute: Creating a Sustainable Food Future (discusses animal calorie conversion rates.) 

ESG Investor: Forget The Space Race. We're in a Race for Food and Water. Co-authored by Elysabeth Alfano.

Verify This and Politco: Cows and Other Livestock Emissions. 

University of Michigan Life Cycle Analysis Study of Beyond Meat

Our World In Data: Impact of our Food Supply System on Land and Climate Change.


Chartered Alternative Investment Association: Why Governments Around the World Are Investing in Plant-based Innovation. Co-Authored by Elysabeth Alfano. 


The Plantbased Business Hour : Industry Expert Elysabeth Alfano sits down for in-depth conversations with thought leaders and CEOs in the sector.