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Investment Strategy

Dr. Goodman uses a combination of quantitative and fundamental analysis to inform investment strategies. Quantitative analysis involves using mathematical and statistical models to analyze financial data, while fundamental analysis involves examining a company's financial statements and other information to understand its financial health and prospects. By integrating these two approaches, Dr. Goodman is able to consider a range of different factors that may influence the performance of an investment.

Dr. Goodman also takes a flexible approach to investing, rotating between different strategies based on market conditions. This means that he is able to adapt the approach to the current state of the market, rather than sticking to a fixed strategy regardless of the circumstances.

In addition to market conditions, Dr. Goodman uses "alpha factors" to help make investment decisions. Alpha factors are variables that may suggest a higher return on an investment compared to a benchmark. Some examples of alpha factors that Dr. Goodman considers include value (the intrinsic worth of an asset), profitability (a company's ability to generate profits), momentum (the tendency of an asset's price to continue moving in the same direction), volatility (the level of fluctuation in an asset's price), and growth (the potential for an asset to increase in value over time). By considering these factors, Dr. Goodman is able to make informed decisions about investments.


Dr. Sasha Goodman has 18 years of experience in statistical software development. He has expertise in the R programming language and created portfolio analysis software. In his career, he has also served as a lead quantitative analyst on various empirical projects at universities including Stanford, using econometric and time series methods to research company survival and growth rates. Dr. Goodman's company, New Growth, invests exclusively in plant-based private and public companies. He has been working as a portfolio manager at VegTech since 2021.


Below are some links to information on the plant-based and alternative protein sector. This sector has been growing in recent years, as more people are seeking out the products for various reasons, such as health and environmental impact.

  • Bloomberg Plant-based Innovation Sector Outlook, $162B by 2031 : here.

  • BCG Plant-based Innovation Sector Outlook, $290B by 2035: here.

  • BCG Impact Analysis, 3x-40x More Impact in Lowering GhGE than Other Green Sectors: here.

  • ESG Clarity Plant-based Innovation Investing Impact Summation: here.

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Dr. Sasha Goodman is happy to discuss the VegTechTM Invest investment strategy and philosophy. 

Please email with your preferred days/times.  Thank you. 

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