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Are you an institution looking to learn more about the Index for licensing?  Read below.  For the Institutional Index Fact Sheet, click here.

The VegTech™ Plant-based Innovation & Alternative Proteins Index (EATVi) focuses on large-, mid- and small-cap companies building a more efficient, nutritional, cruelty-free and sustainable food and materials supply chain through disruptive technologies and innovation.  It includes companies that are innovating with plants and plant-derived ingredients to create animal free products for sustainable consumption, including alternative proteins. These companies produce consumer packaged goods, ingredients, biotechnology, agtech, materials, scientific services and other innovations that are focused on the global food systems transformation. 

The VegTech™ Plant-based Innovation & Alternative Proteins Index is the first index for the plant-based innovation and alternative proteins sector, defining and leading the category. It is meant to serve as a benchmark for the industry and is not tracked by other VegTech™ products.






EATVi is a float-adjusted market cap weighted index that utilizes adaptive liquidity rules, allowing it to trade well in large accounts while still including the wide range of companies in the global VegTech™ universe. It can be used to drive specialized financial services in both European and US markets, and is designed to be compliant with IOSCO Principles for Financial Benchmarks, the US Regulated Investment Company (RIC) rules, and the UK/EU UCITS 5/10/40 rules.

This is not a product for retail investors. Click the button above for the ETF.  

VegTech™ Invest has launched this index with calculation and distribution services provided by Morningstar Index Services.  For information on licensing this index, contact

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VegTech’s investment strategies are actively managed and not intended to replicate the performance of any cited index:  the performance and volatility of VegTech’s investment strategies may differ materially from the performance and volatility of a cited index, and their holdings will differ significantly from the securities that comprise the index.  You cannot invest directly in an index, which does not take into account trading commissions and costs. 

“VegTech™ Plant-based Innovation & Alternative Proteins Index represents an underweighted sector of the capital markets that has experienced surprisingly high revenue growth over the last several years. Few in the financial world are taking note of the long-term impact of this sector. 

"With this index, we are providing a benchmark for the capital markets to be used in understanding the growth of plant-based innovation and alternative proteins, and the inherent investment opportunity. We are proud to be launching this new index supported by the global calculation and distribution capabilities of Morningstar Indexes.”

-Dr. Sasha Goodman

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